Sturdy Built with P2Panels

P2Panels Are The Ultimate Choice for Energy Efficient Building

A Logical Replacement for Metal materials

P2Panels’ superior reflective qualities block heat transfer, making them a logical replacement for metal. Gazebo applications, like this one in Wisconsin (black panels, .125 mm thick), are popular in the West and Midwest.

A trenching project for a post-tension retaining wall

Using P2Panels can save you time and money on several construction projects

P2Panels have many construction applications as well. This is a trenching project for a post-tension retaining wall. If there is moisture around the corners, they will fall in and round off, requiring more concrete. However, with P2Panels lining the trenches, the contractor will save time, money, labor and headaches. The panels can be left in the ground, or pulled up when the concrete cures for re-use.

P2Panel Sheets vs. PVC & Metal

Issues with PVC Sheets:

Environmental Concerns With PVC
•    Product contains residual vinyl chloride monomer which has been determined to be a cancer suspect agent by OSHA
•    Hazardous to firefighters and building occupants
•    A contaminant to recycling
•    Constant pressure from EPA, OSHA, CHEJ and other monitoring organizations have been successful in removing PVC from specific markets and replacing with safer alternatives.

Companies Committed To Phasing Out PVC
•    Johnson & Johnson
•    Microsoft
•    Wal-Mart
•    Bath and Body Works

P2Panels HDPE Corrugated Sheets are the answer
•    FDA Approved
•    Safe to Recycle
•    No Harmful Additives