P-Panel Wall Panels

product p panel

Standard corrugated panels for wall liner application inside agriculture houses.  Superior product to OSB and plywood offering benefits that are ideal for the agricultural industry.

The use of wood products (OSB & Plywood) can lead to problems including termites, carpenter ants and other wood-infesting insects; rot, fire, mold, mildew, and warping due to moisture.  The most serious issue in today’s agriculture market is wood’s natural absorption of bacteria.

Standard corrugated panels for wall and liner installations.  Ideal for dairy and poultry barn applications.  Superior to OSB and Plywood, PVC & Metal products.


Gauges: 0.060”, 0.090”, 0.125”, 0.250”
Widths: 48.5” (0.060” to 0.125”), 47.5” (0.250”)
Coverage: 45”(0.060” to 0.125”), 44” (0.250”) – Maximum Panel Length of 288” (24’)
Standard Colors: White , Black
Custom Colors: Clear, Green, Red